Back to Class! Erica Lombardo March 1, 2022

Back to Class!

A group of 3 students contemplate as they look at their laptops

After the beginning of the winter semester being stuck online, Emerge classes are back to school! The University of Guelph-Humber has once more opened its doors to in-person learning, and our class is back in action.

Working diligently online, our class was still able to get work done, such as setting up registration, confirming all of our speakers, and even get this blog out and here for you to view! But, now that we are back to class, we are able to work out the finer in-person details, and confirm our set up and scoping our our amazing venue.

Just today, March 1, the Emerge conference team leads were able to meet at Guelph-Humber and figure out what to do when the big day comes.

Back to Class! Look at the PR Team Leads go.

From here on out, we plan on meeting every Tuesday to work on Emerge as the date comes closer, and work with the other streams that are also back to campus. The writing and editing team is also now back to class, where we can work together to craft more content for everyone!

Don’t forget to register here!

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