Emerge Web Magazine Kickoff! Erica Lombardo February 17, 2022

Emerge Web Magazine Kickoff!

A screenshot of the Emerge Magazine website's home screen with a closeup of two hands with fingers interlocked pictured

Emerge’s official web magazine is near ready to be released!
Hello world, I’m Erica Lombardo, the lead for the Writing and Editing team for Emerge 2022! I’m specializing in Public Relations at the great establishment of the University of Guelph-Humber. I enjoy long walks on the beach, travelling, candles and… We’re getting off-topic! I can not wait to showcase what Emerge has to offer.

The web magazine has been in the works since the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester, excitedly working towards completion. Their soft launch has taken place on February 18, meaning that a preview release of the website has already be shown to a limited audience prior to the general public.

But wait! The full release of the web magazine will be on March 28, the day of the Emerge conference, in which all the stories will be uploaded and ready to view. This will also include the print magazine stories, podcasts, and a series of personalized video projects carefully crafted by the Visual Communication teams. 
This year the web magazine is changing things up as they will be using multiple stories that were archived from past print Emerge magazines, modifying and modernizing the stories to their web platform. This is to help align with the theme of the non-linear path, bringing these stories to light as they were not presented on web platforms in previous years. Exclusives!

The inspiration of the website’s look and feel leans more towards a retro style with both the typography and colours- such as using soft pastels and earth tones alongside organic shapes throughout the website and providing consistency with the rest of Emerge.
To check out all that they have done and prepare for their hard launch on March 28, click here!

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