Visiting Emerge’s Visual Showcase Erica Lombardo March 23, 2022

Visiting Emerge’s Visual Showcase

Collage of students' photos featured in the Visual Showcase

Since the beginning of the semester, the Visual Showcase team has been working hard to craft a creative, immersive and interactive experience through media and art. At this point, they have assembled approximately 200 artwork submissions, including photography, video, graphic designs and paintings, which will be displayed at the Emerge conference on March 29, and online.

Kristine Nguyen, a member of the Visual Showcase team, says one of the installations they are most excited about is the “String Map.”. It has similar aesthetics to an investigation board, but viewers will be making connections to pieces that resonate with themselves. At the end of the conference, the String Map will be an entirely new work of art created by every person who contributed to the Map

Nguyen says the Virtual Reality (VR) Showcase has been quite an intense journey, as many of the team members did not have background knowledge on crafting a virtual world prior to this project.

Yet, they managed to put it all together in just months before the event date. Go Visual Showcase Team!!

“With the VR Showcase, we were able to do things that we couldn’t in the in-person one – after all, anything is possible in the virtual world! We’re excited for everyone to see what we’ve created” Nguyen said.

Want to experience the Virtual Showcase? Register here for Emerge.
The showcase will be premiered at the event on March 29, for all to view live!

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